Stress Less Gifting Kit
Stress Less Gifting Kit
Stress Less Gifting Kit
Stress Less Gifting Kit
Stress Less Gifting Kit

Stress Less Gifting Kit

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Gifting and supporting a loved one shouldn't be a struggle, the focus should lie on the supporting energy you want to share with them. To help you out a little bit with this process Moon Feels is introducing The Gifting Kits, which might be the perfect gift for your loved ones ór yourself.

This Stress Less Gifting Kit is created to reduce all those stressfull feelings.This is a kit that helps with putting things in perspective and slowing down. To eventually feel more grounded and calm. These items will help you clear your mind, amplify the growth you have been going through and write off all your feels. Providing a sense of peace & tranquility. And an overall sense of well-being for this chapter in your life.

The Stress Less Gifting Kit contains:

  • Journal | to write off anything that need to go out of your head
  • Tea | to calm down and warm up
  • Wish Candle | to use as a release ritual, write, feel and burn
  • Footbath | to relax and wind down, starting with the base of the body
  • Rhodoniet hanger | promotes calmness during times of panic and anger
  • stone Red Jasper | to inspire you to act on your passions and to see your own strengths
  • stone Labadorite | to help you to relieve stress and anxiety

Also included is a welcome note and crystal info cards.

Side note: You can add a name on the box yourself or let us do it! If you want us to write it, just make sure to fill in the order note when checking out. That way we will know which name to write on the card.⁠

*Please be aware, the Gifting Kits is not returnable.