Slow Down Card Deck
Slow Down Card Deck

Slow Down Card Deck

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The MONDAY Slow Down card deck is based on a balance between yin & yang, the phases of the moon and the elements of nature. The 32 beautifully designed cards form a nice balance between action & tranquility, trust & letting go and silence & movement.

How do you use the card deck?

You are completely free to use the cards in your own way: You can ask a question, in your mind or out loud, set an intention for your day or week, or draw a card at random whenever you feel stuck.

Trust that the message from the card you intuitively choose will always come at the right time for you.

What does using the slow down cards get you?

The Slow Down cards make it easier for you to make choices. You can really tune in to what is the right action (or rest) for you at that moment.

Let these intention cards help you find the connection with yourself in daily life, so that you live from a place of freedom & flow.