Selenite with Black Tourmaline Hanger

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Selenite is a crystal that you can use when you're struggling with blocked emotions, for this crystal opens up chakras and helps in cleansing auras. Due to it’s healing and purifying qualities, it’s also used to recharge and cleanse other crystals. Not only does Selenite cleanse, but it also removes negative energy and attracts positive energy.

Black Tourmaline is a true shielding crystal and has been used for centuries for safety and protection. This crystal protects your body from negative emotions and cleanses an overly emotional body. For the sensitive minds and souls this crystal also protects against electromagnetic radiation and all in all protects against an overwhelming world.

* This is only the hanger, no necklace included.

Every crystal we sell is one of a kind. Because of their uniqueness, the product you receive at home may vary in shape, color and size.