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We're slowly getting closer to the colder days and our favorite festive season. To spread some light Moon Feels is introducing The Limited Release & Reccharge Giftboxes, which is the perfect thoughtfull gift for yourself or your loved ones.

The Release Giftbox
Every year feels like a cycle completed. Usually this takes a lot of effort, focus and energy from our bodies and souls, which results in unwanted build-up stress in our core. You know, like that feeling of wanting to shout out your lungs at the top of a mountain? Or wanting to smash any object that’s in your way? (We know, we’ve all been there). Releasing should feel as if a weight is finally being lifted off your shoulders, and you should embrace that feeling entirely. But to get to that point of release, you’ll first need to put in the work. That’s why this box contains a selection of crystals, healing tools and other essentials that will give you the encouragement to let go, one breath at a time. 

This limited edition box is created to help you relax, but also to help you with your personal spiritual growth. Spiritual hygiene will be our top priority in 2022, so why not start right these festive days. 

The Release Giftbox contains:

  • A Brass Singing Bowl - Assists you while meditating and promotes relaxtion.
  • Black Onyx crystal - Provides strength and protection in your releasing process.
  • Golden Healer crystal - Enables spiritual communication and is known as ‘The Master Healer’.
  • Rainbow Fluorite crystal - Liberates you from negative energy and supports decision-making.
  • Moon Journal - A place to write off thoughts and feelings, and come to healing conclusions.
  • Lapis Lazuli necklace - Connected to the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli will assist you in speaking your soul’s truth.
  • Lavender Sage Smudge Stick - Used for smoking away unwanted energies.
  • Green Abalone Shell - Safely holds your smudge sticks while it burns.
  • Relaxing Bath Bomb - Scented with roses and enriched with sweet almond oil.
  • Knotted Candle - Symbolizes the troubles of the past year. Burn it to say bye-bye to this gloomy past.

The Recharge Giftbox
Every year feels like a cycle completed, but also like the beginning of a fresh new start. As we release, we are getting our divine spirit ready to soak up all the abundance the Universe is sending our way. After all that hard work of cleansing your spirit, our box is here to help you get prepared in accepting all the good energy that’s coming your way. The power of recharging your body, mind and soul lies in getting a fresh and motivating energy to attract all that you deserve. You should carry a rested and nurtured soul, to be open to receiving as much as possible. This box contains a selection of crystals, healing tools and other essentials that will give you the power to get you ready for the coming year!

The Recharge Giftbox contains:

  • The Monday’s Slow Down Card Deck - These intention cards help you find the connection within yourself in daily life, in order to live in a place of freedom and flow.
  • Moonstone crystal - Empowers your intuition, and brings in strong abundant energy.
  • Peacock Ore crystal - The stone of appreciation and acceptance.
  • Carnelian crystal - Boosts your confidence, and makes you stride with your head held high.
  • The Mystic Moon Planner - To organize your week as well as your mind.
  • Mangano Pink Calcite Necklace - Brings self soothing, calming and supportive energy.
  • Relax & Release Herbal Bath Blend - Infuse your body with this handmade self-care routine containing the healing aspects of natural herbs.
  • Ritual Candles - Bring light into your practice or ritual, and burn them before the year is over to complete your cycle.
  • Sweetgrass Smudge Stick - Used for smoking and attracting loving energies.

Also included is information on all the items you're getting, that means five crystals cards, how to smudge and cleanse and of course a Moon Feels card explaining all the wonders of the box to you!

Side note: You can add a name on the box yourself or let us do it! If you want us to write it, just make sure to fill in the order note when checking out. That way we will know which name to write on the card.⁠

*Please be aware, the Release or Recharge Giftboxes is not returnable and come seperately. You order one of the boxes, or add both to your cart.