Faden Quartz Hanger
Faden Quartz Hanger

Faden Quartz Hanger

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The ultimate healer. The line that runs through this crystal is a self-healing consequence of a fracture inside the quartz. Therefore, if you are looking for support during your healing process, Faden Quartz can resonate with you. This crystal is very easy to program, for that reason it should be properly cleansed when you first receive it and programmed with a clear intention.

  • Rumor has it that it holds a lot of information about Planet Earth
  • It’s a tabular crystal, thus it enhances communication 
  • It can charge and clear smaller crystals

* This is only the hanger, no necklace included.

Every crystal we sell is one of a kind. Because of their uniqueness, the product you receive at home may vary in shape, color and size.