Crystal Recharge Smudge Bundle

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1 Palo Santo
Palo santo (also known as holy wood) is another excellent burning method to cleanse your home of bad and negative energy. It’s also oftentimes used as a protection against bad energies and also brings good fortune.

1 Selenite Stick
Selenite is a good crystal to use when you're struggling with blocked emotions for this crystal opens up your chakras and helps in cleansing auras. Due to it’s healing and purifying qualities, it’s also used to recharge and cleanse other crystals. And Selenite doesn’t just cleanse, it will also remove negative energy and attract positive energy.

1 Amethyst
Amethyst can be used to calm and relieve all of that pressure and stress that has developed because of the effects of life. This stone will help you in finding that internal serenity whether that is simply unwinding or a decent night's sleep. This stone also attracts positive energy, resulting in you feeling more relaxed and happy.