Clear Quartz Chakra on Stand

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Clear Quartz is a crystal that can be found in abundance on our planet, and for a good reason! For this crystal is regularly used to increase spiritual wisdom and can be used to light up one's life. Clear Quartz can also be used to shield you from external negativity aka your very own personal stone shield. Because, let's face it; who wouldn't need that sometimes?

The energies of these seven stones are designed to match with each of your seven chakras, helping to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. Create a harmonizing body grid with these colorful stones, and you'll discover a rainbow of positive vibes in your spirit. 

Every crystal we sell is one of a kind. Because of their uniqueness, the product you receive at home may vary in shape, color and size.

Size (with stand) +- 10 x 3 cm

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