Amethyst Pendulum Gold
Amethyst Pendulum Gold

Amethyst Pendulum Gold

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A pendulum is a weight on a wire or chain and is often used in combination with a map. 

Pendulums can be used with aromatherapy, herbal remedies, radionics, homeopathy, essential oil therapy, with card readings and in the healing practice. Clean your pendulum after each use, so the divination will be as clear as possible.

Amethyst can be used to calm and relieve all of that pressure and stress that has developed because of the effects of life. This stone will help you in finding that internal serenity whether that is simply unwinding or a decent night's sleep. This stone also attracts positive energy, resulting in you feeling more relaxed and happy. 

Every crystal we sell is one of a kind. Because of their uniqueness, the product you receive at home may vary in shape, color and size.


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