We are dedicated to supporting and cheering people on along their journey of personal growth through healing, transformation and empowerment.


Where it all started

Moon Feels was born out of the urge to share spiritual inspiration with others in a society where personal growth is mainly measured by physical appearance and financial success. Due to the tempo and expectations of Western society, people are looking for a way out of this highly shallow society, now more than ever.

We want to explore the world of spirituality in a modern and sincere way. A strong sense of self is about feeling confident inside and out, and that’s where Moon Feels comes in. We are an online store for the curious spiritualist in a digital world.

In 2020 MoonFeels was created by baby witch Jazzmin Nilsson, aka Jazzybelle. On her journey of growing up to be a young creative woman in Amsterdam, she found herself constantly asking questions like ‘what is my purpose here on earth?’ and ‘how can I find a way to stay grounded, focussed and inspired in a world that goes by so fast?’. Due to her diverse parental background (with a Surinamese father and a Swedish mother), spirituality has always played a big part in her upbringing. 

The Moon and especially the Full Moon is an element that always truly fascinated Jazzmin. After receiving an overwhelming response from others who were also on the same quest, the idea was born. To help people find their way in the worlds of crystal healing and full moon rituals, Jazzmin decided to create a place where curious spirits could find support on their quest.


Everything around us, including our minds, bodies, and souls contain and revolve around energy. Once you’re aware of this concept, you can start seeing and feeling all types of energies. Moon Feels caters products that will help you charge or cleanse these energies. It’s time to completely connect with your own energy, and give it whatever it needs to glow and grow.


At Moon Feels, we believe that ‘balance’ is the essence of our vision. ‘Balance’ at Moon Feels represents the balance within one’s self- the good, the bad, the high, the low, holding on and letting go. People tend to struggle with finding their balance because it can be a tough challenge.  That’s why we want to encourage and cheer on the ones who are making the effort to try it out.


Feeling empowered is about accepting who you truly are. Enhancing and embracing your strengths and weaknesses. Accepting and working on your flaws. At Moon Feels, we want to encourage this way of thinking and want to assist this thought process and the realisation of it with the help of our products. It’s all about feeling good, but also about looking good to boost your inner self confidence.