The Full Beaver Moon

The Full Beaver Moon

Monday, November 30, 2020 at 10:32 AM, the Full Moon will be in Gemini, which is directly opposite of the Sun in Sagittarius. It's not just any Monday, it's a Full Mo(o)nday! What does that mean for you? Read more about it here! 

In the morning there will be a partial lunar eclipse, but then afterwards, i’ll be back in full effect, gracing the sky with its presence. Are you feeling a bit pandemic-stressed, holiday-harried, as busy as a beaver? That’s because unprocessed emotions can emerge during this Full Moon (and can be intensely magnified). You are also challenged to look for more depth in life, which can be weird with the holidays coming up. The traits of the opposite signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will have a transformative effect on us. Geminis are all about communicationcandor and liveliness. But the Geminis constellation clearly has two sides - they are more cunningfickle and more superficial. You may therefore have a strong need for change and spontaneity, but sometimes find it difficult to express yourself properly. Gemini is a true air sign, and if you're talking about "The wind of change," you're talking about a hen. Air signs, including Geminis, are here to bring change for the betterment of humanity. They have a need for justice, can understand both sides of a story and are not afraid to put their own ego aside for "the good cause".

Collectively, we make the world a better place – we don't do this alone, but together. We can't bring change alone (and we don't want to be). Communication is so important; contacts are made easier because we’re so used to living online. That’s why we need to cherish the moments of physical contact we get nowadays. For instance: make small talk with a cashier or stranger walking a dog – this can really give you an extra boost of energy, right before all the holiday madness. Side note: please be corona-proof when making contact with others!


What can I do at home, by myself?

Go and set your intentions for this Full Moon and manifest your dream life. The theme of your intentions for this period arelinked to the energy of Gemini. So put your intentions around communication, curiosity and being social. This way you improve your skills optimally.

During Full Moons, we like to do our own rituals. The purpose of these rituals are to reflect on what you have achieved so farand to look ahead to what you want to achieve in the future. Give your body and mind a boost (using the products from TheAbundance Giftbox). Take a herbal bath blend, charge your crystals under the Moonlight and write down your successes.

An herbal bath can help you clean and steam out the toxicity of your body. The bath blend in The Abundance Giftbox is especially created to help you relax while also cleansing you of unwanted energies in the body. If you don’t have The Abundance Giftbox (yet), you can also take a regular salt bath. Use sea salt or epsom salt for this; the salt neutralizes and detoxifies your body. It regulates your moisture balance, takes negative energy from you and ensures a positive, charged and clean feeling. If you don't have a bath, you can also do a foot bath, for instance.

Make sure to take all the time you need with this. Selfcare is very important and your body sometimes just needs a recharge. Listen to your needs and take necessary actions.