Super Full Moon in Scorpio - relearn how to listen to that inner voice

Super Full Moon in Scorpio - relearn how to listen to that inner voice

So… We are welcoming the last supermoon of the year, and our beautiful Luna will be in Scorpio this time (yes, I am terrified too). A super moon is what we call the moon when it's orbit is closest to the earth, resulting in it looking larger and brighter than it usually does. She is full and charged, so this is the time for emotional breakdowns, recharging and lots and lots of cleansing. 

Some of us might’ve been feeling a little off lately. Not knowing why we are doing something, or what we are doing it for. Some of us might’ve been straight up losing our shit and feeling anxious, like something is about to happen. Well there is! And instead of fighting the madness I am asking you to embrace it (not in all cases, please not in all cases). 

So first of all, I wanna set something straight. We’ve all seen the crazy Scorpio memes, right? The dark, twisted, and psychotic ones? You know what I am talking about. Well, that is not all this sign has to offer! Scorpio also stands for being strategic, bringing to the light whatever is held in the dark, and having powerful sexuality! 

When the full moon is in Scorpio we can all tune in with the sign's approach. A chance to finally make sense of things you’ve been questioning. It’s time to make final decisions in work or relationship related questions.. That one friend you haven’t really been connecting with lately? Now might be the time to close some chapters. But don't be surprised if  a friend does the same thing to you! Again, we are all going through this. 

But this is also the PERFECT time to embrace your sexuality and really reconnect with it. What is it that you seek? Go after it! A good time to be honest about your sexuality and to explore your fantasies (carefully now, miss Corona is still out here)! Okay, I probably should have started with the negative, but you might also have to avoid some drama. Like...lots of it. Make sure to protect your energy and don’t let any negativity get a hold of it during this healing time. ‘But how?’ you ask? I’ll get into that in a bit!

During a full moon our emotions are easily accessible, which makes it a great time to accept and release them. Always remember that whenever you set something free and really let go, you make space for something new. In order to experience this ‘rebirth’ we must be honest with ourselves. This can be scary. Life doesn't always feel like you are walking down the yellow brick road, looking for the Wizard of Oz. But try to accept that this is also ok! 

Every day we’re being brainwashed that we have to be perfect and have our shit together since yesterday. I just want to let you know that we all have our own paths and that we are not running a f*cking marathon here guys! You are here to find everything that was made for you, not me, not your parents, not your Instagram followers but for yourself. My clock does not tick for you honey! 

So what can we do? We can journal. It’s a way to be completely honest with yourself, without anyone’s judgment. Throw your ego in the trash and pour your heart out onto that paper. Write whatever. What is bothering you? What are you letting go of? What are you trying to manifest? I am a big fan of crying and if you feel like it, just do it. Yes, you will look insane crying and screaming all alone in your room, but whatever. Let it go. Embrace your emotions, intentions and decisions! 

Now, if your sleeping pattern is as messed up as mine, another option is taking a moon bath tonight. The moonlight cleanses the body, mind and soul. So get underneath it! Take a walk or take a seat underneath the moon. Make sure some skin is showing so you can soak up the vibrations. What messages are coming up? Write them down, you might need to look into those. While the moon is washing away negative energy, think about what you would like to welcome back in. Or just say it out loud! Set intentions on things you want to manifest. 

For all the creatives out there: start that project, finish the 20 other ones, and decide which ones you keep and which ones you want to throw out of the window. Now is your time to shine baby! The full moon is powering up your creativity, while Scorpio will be giving you a clearer vision on what you truly want to pursue. Also, cleansing your home can not hurt anyone. If you are wondering how, you can read the last post about the new moon! 

And last but not least, I want to remind you guys to take this moment to relearn how to listen to that inner voice, restoring faith in yourself and re-rooting into physical and emotional grounds by being honest to yourself. It will make it a lot clearer, trust me! 

Written by Michelle Bergwijn