Purify, cleanse and re-energize your crystals

Purify, cleanse and re-energize your crystals

Crystals are given to us by Mama Earth. She has created concentrated ancient energy for us to hold and take care of. Through our self-care practice these crystals hold our intentions, protect us from negative energy or recharge our soul. Therefore, after a while we feel the crystals lessening its hold and energy. This is the time to start taking care of them. Since our crystals have been given to us by nature, we want to return them to feeling their connection to Mama Earth by cleansing and recharging our lovely pieces.

As we grow our practice, we have learned many ways to take care of our crystals. We will share a few options for you and also a few tips for crystals that need our love a little differently. There are more ways to cleanse your crystals, so feel free to dive deeper into your own research, these are our go-to cleansing rituals:

How to - Three steps to clean your crystals with Moonlight

  1. Hold under running water for a few minutes.
  2. Recharge your crystal in the moonlight for at least 24 hours. Preferably Full Moon.
  3. Repeat every few months. Whenever you feel your crystals need it.

Alternative purifying method and exceptions
Besides running water, it is also possible to bury your crystals in the ground for them to cleanse. Or recently we found out you can cleanse them by putting them in brown rice. Leave them in for 24 hours and the next day recharge them in the sunlight or moonlight.

Crystals that need different care

Selenite will dissolve in water. So never let it come into contact with it. Because Selenite is so powerful in itself, it cleanses and recharges itself. Therefore, it will always be there for you to cleanse your home and yourself from any negative energy. Creating a smooth flow of positive energy. Some crystals cannot be cleansed with water, but can be purified by leaving it upon Selenite.

Other crystals that cannot get wet are: Pyrite, Gypsum, Amber, Pearl, Calcite, Celestite, Malachite, Fluorite. Notice how many of them end with 'ite'? When owning a 'ite' crystals we recommend to double check if they can go into water.

Citrine can fade in the sunlight and actually doesn’t need cleansing. It only holds positive energy, which can be strengthened by placing it upon Selenite. Want to feel empowered and really confident? Put it upon Selenite.

Metal jewelry shouldn’t be put under running water. Instead you can burn sage and pass the jewelry through the smoke. Or leave it on Selenite or a big piece of Amethyst for 24 hours.

Just bought a new crystal?
When you first buy a crystal, it is recommended to cleanse and recharge it. You never know what type of energy it holds when purchasing it. At Moon Feels we do a cleanse before packing the crystals but even on its way to your doorstep it's possible it picks up unwanted energies. Before receiving it, it has already come into contact with different energies and we want the energy to be intuned with you. Therefore, give your crystal time to cleanse, recharge it with intention and then start your powerful self-care practice. 

As we take care of our crystals, they will take care of us. The care we give, is the care we receive. Let energy flow and trust your intuition to guide you in your practice.

How do you cleanse your crystals?