New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

At the start of the moon phases, we can take a new look at where we want to be going the next 29 days. The more time we take for ourselves to tune into the Moon, our intuition will grow stronger. We will be able to become more clear on what is important to us and connect to Mamma Moon for guidance. It might feel overwhelming to figure out where to start. Therefore, we have gathered several rituals that can help to cultivate a personal New Moon Ritual.

Intention setting
Since the Moon is all about our internal emotions, our intentions can pertain to how we want to feel. These intentions can be written out or crystals can be a reminder for our intention. ''I practise self-love''. A great reminder for this intention is Rose-Quartz. Hold this crystal in your hand, while repeating an intention. Or create an altar around a certain stones with other visuals that inspire in the intentions set for the coming time. ''There is abundance all around me'' Hold or look at Pyrite. Repeat the intention and feel abundant energy flow into the body. ''I release all tension and stress'' Trouble sleeping? Put Amethyst next to the bed. Take a few deep breaths and repeat the intention mentally. This intention can be set at the start of the day too. ''Creativity flows through me'' Get energised through the magic of Labradorite. Let the iridescence inspire to look at life from a fresh perspective. As you repeat the intention mentally, feel a creative energy flood through the body.

Vision board
Out of sight, out of mind. Is this true for you? Then find support in achieving goals through visual reminders, like a vision board. For instance, what does a self-love practice look like? Maybe photos of friends and family that we can reach out to, to share the darker and beautiful parts of life. How about a picture of a cup of tea to find a quiet moment or someone meditating? Going into nature is also very powerful for connecting to something bigger than us. Visualise through photos, quotes, cards or print outs how sacred time with ourselves looks like and what reminds us of our powerful Mamma Moon.

Journaling enables us to connect to our soul.
To shine a light of our deeper wants and become aware
of how we are holding ourselves back.
Below a few journaling prompts that inspire us.

  • How do I want to feel the coming Moon cycle?
  • What does my heart truly desire?
  • What practices that no longer serves me am I ready to let go off?
  • What boundaries am I willing to set to support my dreams and desires?
  • Which daily rituals will help cultivate the beautiful life I envision?
  • My truest, most amazing life, that I have created, makes me feel...
All of the above can come together in an altar specific for YOU.
Letting it give you all the inspirational feels you need for the next 29 days. Soon we will share more tips for creating your own personal altar. So keep your eyes open for a new post coming soon.