New moon & new beginnings

New moon & new beginnings

 New moon & new beginnings

Today we celebrate a new moon! New beginnings, fresh starts and a chance to reset our systems to welcome more growth and positivity. Recently we have all been confronted with a big change in our lives. Our routines have been absolutely body smashed into the ground and it seems pretty reasonable to freak out (which I have definitely done twice or so). This crisis can be confronting and scary because we are pretty much locked up at home with our mind and soul. It feels as though we are waiting for someone to press play on this f*cked up episode of Southpark, so we can pick up where we left off.  But it has also made me realize how easily we can get sidetracked from our inner needs. Too busy focused on the future to tune in with the present. 

For this new moon, I am asking you to shake it all off! Dance, scream, cry, write, and sing like Whitney Houston’s soul has entered your body. We are shaking it off! 

The New Moon is a very magnetic time. Great timing to write down new goals, forgive others and ourselves and to recharge our batteries, which we can all use after this hectic month. Because this is such a magnetic time it is important to stay as positive as possible. Try to see this moment as a vault. How we set our minds now will be stored in that vault so we can use it until the next new moon!  It is time to cleanse your house, your body and mind.

Here are some ways to do so without having to run to the store for ritual products. First off, start with light some sage or other smudge that you may have in the house, for this is a perfect way to start off seeing as it clears the air of any negative energy. Light a candle, and set your intentions on the flame. Once the positive thought has been cast on the flame, open your windows and walk around the house and smudge all the corners. During this whole process, it is important to be thinking positive and loving thoughts.

Once the positive thought has been cast on the flame, open your windows and walk around the house and smudge all the corners. If you want and if it feels good,  dance and move your body whilst really allowing the positive energy to flow through your body. Move as it is telling you to do so. Don’t hold back but be free! Once you feel like the energy in the room is getting lighter and more positive, you can sit down and write down some goals you would like to set for yourself. Whilst writing, remember that now is the time for new beginnings. While attracting what you would like to see more of in your life you can also write down what you would like to let go of. We are trying to remove anything negative to make more room for positivity! Energies come and go and it is up to you to decide what serves your soul. What do you need right now? Try to find the answer to it while writing.  Maybe you will feel the need to cry or scream and you might want to hit a few pillows to let go of last moons energies. That is ok! Let it go. 

Once you are done with the writing you can read it out loud and burn it under the sky. After this, you can walk over to the candle and blow out the flame while remembering the intentions you set on it earlier. Lastly, thank the universe for your blessings.

I wish you all a loving and positive transition into a new moon and stay the f*ck home!

Written by Michelle Bergwijn