Breath, a choice of life

Breath, a choice of life

In the beginning there was stillness. Soft, deep and peaceful, like an effortless breath you can only truly enjoy with pure awareness. The breath flows in and out, and between every inhale and exhale, there is this moment of stillness. A moment of awareness. A brief pause where everything stands still, and where you have the choice to inhale or exhale again. A choice of living, consciously.
While you are making this choice, you are living, truly and present, in the now. The now is free and has no boundaries. You are free to be. ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’

Here you are, your own answer to this question. You have chosen to be a human being, endlessly expanding from a stillness into thoughts, into experience, into matter, and into creation. This is your gift from the beginning of time. From the moment you were born and chose to take your very first breath.

What a beautiful gift we have received, so remind yourself again and again. Have awareness of your life. Be thankful for all that you have. Your eyes to witness all creations. Your skin to feel all the senses. Your heart to know your truth. Your prana ‘life energy’ to connect you to everything around you.

Be fully present and move with your breath, in and out through life. Make conscious decisions. Are your choices allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest? Or are they giving you hiccups? No problem, you know what to do: just be still and hold your breath for a second. Then you can return to your normal breathing and keep the flow moving.

Life turns from a rollercoaster ride, into a scavenger hunt. Moving up, going down faster. Many unforeseen challenges and scary situations. Running and jumping, exhaustion and boredom. Big highs and deep lows. Your heart begins to hurt and your feet are getting tired. You might think you are out of breath, but are you really?

Close your eyes and find the stillness again. It has never left you; it lives between your inhales and exhales. Soft, deep and peaceful. Here you can rest and just be. And whenever you are up for another ride of a lifetime, just make the choice to breathe, and experience your life, consciously.

Written by Nzinga Naima